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Having spent his early childhood during the war years in North Africa while his father fought on Poland’s eastern front against the approaching Soviet hordes and subsequently perished in the infamous Katyń massacre, the author’s subsequent sixty years of a peripatetic life through five countries on three continents provided him with a shrewd insight into the mores, social values and aberrations of the cultures and people he encountered during that time. He skillfully describes  these while recounting his travels and checkered career. His ability to recall so many details of his past and the perspicacity of his observations are remarkable.

Andrew Walczak’s formal education and formative years were spent in Great Britain where in spite of numerous moves during the unstable postwar period he was able to complete his secondary education in one of London’s leading Grammar schools and then graduate with a degree in physics from the University of Surrey.

His move to Canada in 1963 led to numerous career shifts and accompanying relocations, including a five year period in the United States during the late 1970s.

In reviewing his nomadic past he counted up forty-two locations which served as home during his life, leading to the title of this autobiographical book, 42 Addresses. He is now retired and living in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

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